Reliable General Contractor Services for Northern B.C. Communities

Parallel Projects is known for our civil construction and asphalt road work in and around Dawson Creek, BC. We maintain a strong reputation for the calibre of work we provide.

Possessing the crews and equipment to dig and pave in a timely manner has benefited various construction projects over the years. But our responsibilities on a project don’t end there.

Our general contracting services go hand-in-hand with our site preparation, earthworks, and excavating capabilities.

When you call in Parallel Projects, we manage every facet of your construction project to ensure the best results.

General Contracting, Parallel Projects

Prime Contractors for Efficient Civil Construction and Asphalt Repairs

As a general contractor (prime contractor/main contractor), we are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the job site. There are various stages involved in completing a project, and many skill sets are required.

Our team arrives prepared. We have the resources to bring on any necessary subcontractors to ensure the job is finished correctly. That’s extra peace of mind before, during, and after construction.

General Contracting, Parallel Projects

B.C. Asphalt Work Demands Asphalt Specialists

One of the main benefits of working with asphalt is that it speeds up completion times when compared to concrete. Because it adapts so well to B.C.’s hot and cold weather, it is a preferred option for many paving jobs.

However, if you don’t have a good general contractor to oversee the details, you could end up with unnecessary delays, angry people, and shoddy results.

Parallel Projects’ oversees the safety of our work crews and the public. Everyone involved needs to know what they are doing. A transparent construction process needs to be communicated. Our team is familiar with all B.C. construction industry regulations and we keep everyone on the same page.

By following protocols, we maintain consistent results with predictable outcomes. We keep the cost of municipal renovations and other construction projects down for our valued customers.

General Contracting, Parallel Projects

B.C. Construction Projects Demand Skilled Heavy Machinery Operators

Parallel Projects doesn’t just provide the equipment; we help drive the project to completion. Any construction work depends on good communication. Parallel Projects serves as your main point of contact throughout a project’s duration.

Parallel Projects has the skills and experience to ensure every stage of the construction process is executed flawlessly. Our construction managers ensure a timely completion every time!

General Contracting, Parallel Projects

General Contracting for Asphalt Work

The bigger the job, the more detail-oriented you need to be! Parallel Projects is well-versed in managing all stages of asphalt installation for communities across British Columbia.

  • Preparing the surface:We organize the use of Bobcats, front loaders, forklifts, and dump trucks.
  • Managing job site debris:Keeping the work location clean means the responsible removal and recycling of waste.
  • Ensuring proper water drainage:Parallel Projects executes calculated grading and sloping with precision skill..
  • Maintaining quality control for the subbase:Our team ensures that the thickness, stability, and compaction meet the highest standards.
  • Adding the binder layer and installing the new asphalt:Having the right amount of crew, aggregate and other necessary materials on hand is crucial for success.
  • Finishing the transitions and final compacting:In the end, it’s all about quality control.
General Contracting, Parallel Projects

You Need an Experienced General Contractor for Dependable Results

A lot is riding on the success of your new road, earthworks project, or infrastructure initiative.
The choice of materials and vendors will factor into the final result. From the start to completion, Parallel Project can deal with any unforeseen issues that may arise. Project management is about problem-solving. Our responsibilities don’t end until the client is satisfied.
General Contracting, Parallel Projects

What Our Construction Managers Bring to the Table

Are you ready to discuss your upcoming project in greater detail? Parallel Projects has established itself as a reputable civic construction/asphalt paving general contractor in northern B.C.

Clients appreciate our quick response times and knowledgeable solutions.

What Parallel Projects offers:

  • Experienced project management to help stay on budget
  • The resources to hire subcontractors as needed
  • Safe, controlled worksites
  • Trusted work on everything from grading to underground construction
  • The best subgrade and paving materials
  • Qualified testing and surveying
  • Open lines of communication for all stakeholders
  • Constant monitoring to verify the quality of work

If you’re looking for a good general contractor in the construction industry, remember it’s worthwhile to ask a lot of questions.

Feel free to contact our team at any time.

Your Construction Project Deserves the Best

A general contractor (or prime contractor) is a company that works for the property owner. A construction manager is an individual that works with the property owner. At Parallel Projects, we do both!

Parallel Projects is committed to quality work, staying on budget, and completing the job according to your timeline.

Let’s discuss your construction project needs in more detail.